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Lombok Hotel and Tour

The biggest of the 3 islets, Lombok Gili Trawangan allures the mainstream of visitors. It's around paket wisata lombok 30 minutes boat travel from the north-west mainland of Lombok. The beaches available here are wonderful and they're positioned ideally for sunset. Now Gili Trawangan recognizes itself a wonderful holiday destination apposite for all ages. So many new hotels, luxurious villas & boutique bungalows now cater to tourists and offer excellent value for your money as well. With lots of activities and adventures on this island the families are certain to enjoy their beach vacations to the full.

  Hotel di Lombok: As a new traveller to Gili Trawangan, you must be wondering where to accommodate or which is the best hotel in this island. Don't worry! Hotel Vila Ombak can cater your each and every need in the best possible manner. For your knowledge, Hotel Vila Ombak is the 1st international hotel in the supernatural isle of Gili Trawangan. This hotel harmonizes the comfy of 1st class lodging with the natural exquisiteness that surrounds. With such offering this lodging seems to be the best hotel di Lombok. Take pleasure of the Sidewalk Café: If you are looking to make your dinner more romantic with your partner, then you might like the beachside Sidewalk Café offered by Hotel Vila Ombak. In fact, this is the ideal place for a lovely dinner with its great offering such as delicious Seafood Grill Buffet. There is also a choice of fresh sea-food available, so you can choose according to your need or taste. Even you have the option to order on how the food should be cooked. Also the Sidewalk Café is open for lunch, so you can have your desired lunch avail here. Whilst having your lunch or dinner, you'll be entertained by a lovely music band as well. You can even request a song and they will definitely sing it for you.

  Enjoy your favourite drink at the Blue Beach Bar Hotel Vila Ombak is not only about fine dining, it also offer a full range bar where you can enjoy your favourite drink in a hassle free manner. The Blue Beach Bar provides a range of alluring cocktails, local & imported beers and also international top & middle shelf spirits & liquors. In this bar you can also take pleasure of the live band while having your favourite drink in your hand. So, when you are going to book this superb hotel di Lombok?


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